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Your Solution To Dry Skin Problems

Your Solution To Dry Skin Problems

Figure out how to fight interminable dry skin with an additional hydrating skincare schedule, including a delicate cleanser, relieving toner, rich cream, and unique treatments.

Battling with flakiness, unpleasant patches, and all-around redness? If you’re like me and have been a long-term sufferer of dry skin, walk through this skin-hydrating process with me.

Step 1: Cleanse

Your Solution To Dry Skin Problems

This world-renowned two-part skincare system (seriously, it’s won more than 100 beauty awards) has a major cult following. The ultrasoft cotton muslin cloth and gentle, creamy cleanser work together to give us soft, smooth, and radiant-looking complexions. The cleanser removes dirt, makeup, and grime with eucalyptus essential oil and rosemary, plus it hydrates with cocoa butter, while the cloth exfoliates, sweeping away dull dead skin cells. This kit comes with a sleek zip-up bag for easy storage and transport, so you can always have a healthy glow wherever you are.


Step 2: Tone

Your Solution To Dry Skin ProblemsThis step is going to allow your skin to prepare for the moisturizer you will massage into your skin later. To avoid drying up your skin you want to use a toner that does not have ingredients such as alcohol or astringents. You want to keep a lightweight toner that has ingredients such as lavender or rose. This facial mist is the perfect toner to use before moisturizing. Soothing botanicals and healing aloe are key ingredients in the rose hibiscus face mist. 


Step 3: Moisturize

Your Solution To Dry Skin ProblemsTake a peek in nearly any makeup artist’s kit and you’ll spy a well-loved tube of this cult classic, also a fave of French women. Since we’re just as picky as the pros, you’d better believe we’re fans and not just for the way it makes our tired, fatigued complexions look healthy and plump, but also because of its many other uses. It doubles as a primer, a makeup remover, a post-shave soother, and baby cream. Who says beauty isn’t practical?


4. Serum 

Your Solution To Dry Skin Problems

When it comes to skincare, water can make lines disappear: Boosting hydration fills out skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. This ultra-hydrating formula absorbs deep into skin to help it hold onto water from within, for a smoother, younger-looking complexion. Choose whether you want to incorporate this step into your daily or weekly routine. 


5. Mask

Your Solution To Dry Skin Problems

When our throat is feeling parched, we go for a tall glass of water (or our fave refreshing smoothie). And when our complexion is especially thirsty, we treat it to this powerfully hydrating mask. Packed with nourishing, energizing actives, including hyaluronic acid, raw honey, and ginger root, it provides immediate, deep hydration and seals in moisture to enhance skin’s radiance and suppleness. The result? A healthy, glowing, and altogether rejuvenated complexion.


These are all of the basic necessities we love to use to keep our skin glowing and hydrated. We hope this helped with your dry skin problems and hopefully, with these treatments there will be no more!

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