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DIY Doormat for Your Dorm, Apartment, or House


Your front entrance to any of your living spaces could always use a refresh. Personally,  I love having funny doormats for my guests to stare at while I rush to open the door. Here you will learn how to create and design your own fun and quirky (or not) doormat. 

Materials Needed: 

1. X-Acto Knife 

DIY Doormat for Your Dorm, Apartment, or House

Sleek and safe, this X-Acto No-Roll Rubber Barrel Knife with Replaceable Blade & Safety Cap is perfect for your home or office. With a comfortable rubber grip and sharp steel blade, this utility knife will easily cut through tape, cardboard and other tough materials. 


2. Beige Solid Doormat 

DIY Doormat for Your Dorm, Apartment, or House

This easy-to-coordinate and decorate welcome mat features a durable PVC back and a natural coir front that’s perfect for wiping shoes. In natural beige, it fits in easily with your home’s aesthetic and gives you a practical accent piece that will ease your everyday life.


3. Paper Alphabet Stencils

DIY Doormat for Your Dorm, Apartment, or House

Monogrammatic. Put your words to work with Hand Made Modern alphabet stencils. Available in multiple sizes, these handy templates make it easy to personalize any project with the help of a good brush and Hand Made Modern paint. I recommend these stencils for spelling. You can also purchase shape stencils if you prefer to decorate with shapes as well. 


4. Acrylic Paint 

This handmade modern acrylic paint features a satiny finish that will look divine on your customized doormat people won’t even want to walk all over it. Purchase this paint in the color of your choice at Target


5. Utility Paint Brushes DIY Doormat for Your Dorm, Apartment, or House

Handmade for smooth perfection and preciseness, these brushes are a fabulous staple to have at home. Especially for DIY projects. 


5. Scotch Masking Tape 

DIY Doormat for Your Dorm, Apartment, or House

Besides the infinite other uses for masking tape, you need this supply to hold down your stencils for a no-mess easy pain application. 



  1. First, set up your design for your customized and personal doormat. Here, you can use the alphabetic stencils and spell out any welcoming (or non-welcoming) word or phrase you choose. You may also spell out your last name or set up a favorite quote. 
  2. Next, once you have decided on a design for your particular DIY doormat, place the stencils over your blank doormat purchased from Target, in the correct order and hold them in place with Scotch masking tape
  3. Then, take your acrylic paint and paint brushes and in your desired color, paint over the stencils you have taped to the doormat with the paint brushes. Make sure to apply a generous amount so the paint comes out in solitude and doesn’t turn out splotchy. 
  4. Let the paint dry by leaving the freshly painted doormat outside for a few hours.
  5. Lastly, use the X-Acto knife to cut out any shapes you like to accent your doormat. Pictured above, you can see how they cut out heart shapes also using stencils. 
  6. Place DIY doormat outside of the door and enjoy!

Once again, this is an easy and cheap way to spice up your home decor. By creating your own DIY doormat you claim your territory with class and style. 

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Tried this awesome personalized doormat idea? Share photos in the comment section below and let us know what you think!


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