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DIY Photo Banner “Fun Up A Wall” The Easy Way

DIY Photo Banner "Fun Up A Wall" The Easy Way

It’s always fun to keep your space bright and decorated.  This easy DIY photo banner will instantly brighten up your room. Whether it’s your bedroom or college dorm, this decorative craft will make a world of a difference. Polaroid photos don’t always have to go up on fridges. Make a DIY photo banner with just three items.

Supplies Needed:

1. Polaroid Instant Camera

DIY Photo Banner "Fun Up A Wall" The Easy Way

This cool and vintage themed camera instantly prints out your photos onto mini polaroid paper for memories captured now that are saved forever. 


2. String Lights

DIY Photo Banner "Fun Up A Wall" The Easy Way

Hang these up in your room for added light and decor. The perfect feminine touch to brighten your room. 


3. Twine String 

DIY Photo Banner "Fun Up A Wall" The Easy Way

The ultimate decoration accessory that has never-ending purposes. 


4. Mini Paper Clips 


DIY Photo Banner "Fun Up A Wall" The Easy Way

This three-tiered office essential includes paper clips, push pins, and binder clips. A desk supply must have! 


4. Mini Wooden Pegs


Pins for clothes, snacks, photos, and just about anything. Pin your items with solidarity and style. These pins are available at Target. 



  1. Gather a collection of photos you have taken on your Polaroid camera. I recommend using 10-12 photos. I love the look of double Polaroid strings so I used 20 photos and separated the photos to 10 images per string. 
  2. Lay out your photos in the order you desire across a smooth surface. 
  3. Take the string lights or twine string and stretch it across your photos. During this step, it is important to think about the order you want your images and the colors you put next to each other. 
  4. Start paper clipping or attaching your Polaroid images with wooden pegs
  5. Cut a length of twine or string lights to suit and peg or paperclip the Polaroids onto it.
  6. All done! Now all that’s left to do is hang it up! Remember, There are tons of approaches to utilize the photographs other than simply putting them on twine as well. What about hanging them on a string of pixie lights, on pretty string, or texture? You could add different things to your DIY photo banner like sparkle letters or cut out shapes from card. Get creative! Customize your banner any way you like. 

Just like that, you have created a gorgeous piece that adds loads of definition and character to any room! In under ten steps you are left with a beautiful piece you will cherish forever.

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Tried this DIY photo banner? Comment your experiences and share your photos below!


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