11 Insanely Cool Items That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

These awesome products will make your home the trendiest and most unique with these jaw-dropping items.

1. Pineapple Cocktail Collection

11 Insanely Cool Items That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

The pineapple has long been recognized as a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome. Welcome others to your home with our collection of home goods, including Pineapple Shot Glass Set (2 oz) and the Pineapple Cocktail Shaker.

Purchase this unique Pineapple Cocktail collection HERE.

2. Bi-Level Coat Rack

11 Insanely Cool Items That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

This stylish, fancy coat rack is very wide across to maximize space and has a second lower level with even more room for storage. Can hold a lot of clothing. Works well with hangers. Saves space.

11 Insanely Cool Items That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

Fit your entire family in an oversized hammock, made of organic cotton and dripping in decorative fringe and macramé trim. The extra suspension cords distribute weight for ideal comfort. This hammock is like vacation at home.

When you purchase a Bossanova hammock, you’re not only doing something good for yourself, but also enriching the lives of Brazilian street children. La Siesta supports the project “Dito Escolinha” in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza.  For each hammock sold, La Siesta donates 5€ to provide Dito’s beach soccer academy with training equipment, learning aids, and much more.

Purchase this ultra comfortable Hammock HERE

4. Wire Diabola Table – Copper

Add an eye-catching design to any home with this Diabola table from Pols Potten. Made from webbed iron with copper plating, the lines of copper cross to make a square pattern finishing with a circular top and bottom. The copper tray at the top makes it a perfect table for bedside drinks or next to the sofa for serving pre-dinner snacks. A beautifully unique design, which is bound to be the center of attention in any room at your home.

Purchase this beautiful mini table HERE.

5. Charlene White Wine/Liquor Cabinet

The most beautiful bar in town. Elevate entertaining with sleek cabinet equipped for storing bottles and barware galore. Brass-plated metal legs and hardware warm a cool cabinet finished in hi-gloss white. Behind closed doors, discover shelves, notches for wine glasses, and a slide-out tray for cutting limes and lemons. Drawer offers space for stashing napkins, stirrers, and other accouterments out of sight.

Purchase this all in one bar HERE.

6. Coil Black Cobra Corkscrew

Badass black cobra corkscrew sits ready to pounce on the next bottle within striking distance. Stainless steel corkscrew is durable enough to twist of years of tasting. Makes a fun gift for any wine lover and make your home distinct.

Buy this cool gift HERE.

7. 24″ Isabella Lantern, Silver

This tall lantern is crafted of aluminum with a sleek, versatile form and polished finish.

You can purchase this lantern HERE

8. Boulevard Coat Rack

This Modern black iron tubing grounded in minimal white marble is as simple and elegant as it gets. Designed sleek and slim for efficient use of space, rack hangs coats, purses, hats, bags in the entry or mudroom. Works with any decor.

Purchase this perfect coat rack HERE.

9. Palate Marble 36″ High Counter Table

Progressive table for four rises to the occasion with a fresh pairing in small dining. Crafted of Banswara white marble, sleek square top appears to float on Parsons-style acacia wood frame thanks to a neat chamfered edge. Dines or preps at counter height as a kitchen island, or even works as a standing desk.

Purchase this high-end table HERE.

10. Set of 3 Dot Coat Hooks

Reclaimed from old homes under renovation in northern India, sen wood comes full circle in eco installation. Aged up to 50 years, wood is sanded smooth to enhance varying tone, grain, knots and splits that make each unique. Small, medium and large dots scatter the wall to display coats, hats, scarves, and purses. Off-duty, they add graphic punctuation.

Buy this set of coat hooks HERE.

11. Revel Extension Dining Table

Designer Leonhard Pfeifer imagined a table that lives two lives. “During the week it’s restrained, compact and understated. But on the weekend, the table reveals its inner-self, extending to be the center of festivities.” Crafted from beautiful warm grained European oak, angled legs and sleek top have that coveted midcentury sensibility. Pop in the extension leaf and the party instantly grows from 6 to 8 (or more). Beauty plus utility: Our favorite combo.

Purchase this incredible dining table HERE

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