Magically Motivational Quotes as Wonderful Posters

Wake up every morning with a good vibe, ready to start the day with a load of energy and confidence with a motivational quote!

1. Consider What You Would Do If You Knew You Can Never Fail

Magically Motivational Quotes as Wonderful Posters

This quote by Debbie Millman is what gave me the courage to pursue a creative career and I’ve been so happy and fulfilled in my work since I did. I hope you’ll hang it in your home or office so that it will bring you the same hope and inspiration it has brought to me.

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2. Mother Teresa Anyway Quote

Magically Motivational Quotes as Wonderful Posters

The most positive paragraph you will ever read.

Magically Motivational Quotes as Wonderful Posters

A classic crystal paperweight encases an Ernest Hemingway quote that reads, “My only regret in life is that I did not drink more wine.” A perfect motivational quote to add to your collection. 

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4. You Are Loved 

You are Loved! This quote is a reminder that no matter how many people try to put you down and tell you-you’re worth nothing, there are always those closest to you who love you! Buy it now HERE.

5. Do Small Things With Great Love

The Oliver Gal Do Things with Love Mirror Wall Art features a heartwarming quote made famous by Mother Teresa.

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6. The Secret Of Change

When you’re always dwelling on the past, you will never move forward. Forget about the best, and focus your energy on building the new! Amazing motivational quote.


Use this motivational quote to dress up any room of your home. This stylish piece features an inspirational quote printed and laminated on a box finished with modern espresso edges. Remember, always do something that makes you happy.

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8. What Matters Most

Always focus on what you have at hand today, don’t look into the future nor dwell into the past.

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9. Always Remember

Keep your dreams in sight when you hang this Americanflat “Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose” framed motivational quote in your home.

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10. In The Middle of Difficulty, Lies Opportunity 


There will always be an opportunity in the midst of difficulty.

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11. The Person You Decide To Be

If you decide to be great and work hard, you will be great. You decide your destiny.

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This list of quotes is meant to inspire you and uplift you in times of trouble. By hanging these in your home and office, it will bring off positive vibes and good energy.

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