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How To Make Sure He Notices You

Sometimes, it’s really hard to get a guy’s attention. Especially when you are too scared and think that the guy is supposed to make the first move. Well, thankfully you don’t live in the 1950’s and there are ways around that. The steps are simple and easy. You will have turning heads in no time.
It is important to know what runs through a guy’s mind and where his focus is. Whether you know this guy already or if he is a new man you have your eye on, it is not complicated to get a guy to look at you differently.

1. Spice Up Your Outfits

How To Make Sure He Notices You

Men first notice looks before anything else. The first move at play is to spice up your usual OOTD and opt for something flirty and cool.You realize what looks best on you. Dress well and wear your cutest clothing when you’re in his presence. Try not to wear excessively revealing pieces unless your main goal is a meaningless hook-up. If you want to earn his respect and love, look charming and wear something that catches his eye. What’s more, don’t stress, he’ll certainly notice a girl who knows how to dress well.

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2. Reach Out On Social Media

How To Make Sure He Notices You

Follow him on Instagram or friend him on Facebook. If you think this is too risky of a move it’s not. Guys don’t read too much into social media like girls do. If you are already friends on Facebook, change your profile picture to a super hot and attractive picture this will instantly put you on his radar whether he realizes this or not. Same goes for Instagram, if you already follow each other, upload a flirty picture.

3. Eye contact

How To Make Sure He Notices You

This step can be misleading. Don’t stare him down like a hawk and make him feel uncomfortable and thinking you are a freak. Instead, when you see him, casually and subtly make eye contact and hold it for a few brief seconds. One of the first things a guy notices about a girl is their eyes. Try a new eye-liner that will make your eyes stand out. This is where a smize can go a long way.

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4. Be Bold

How To Make Sure He Notices You

Whether it’s a daring new lipstick or a splash of a different highlighter, change it up a bit. Step outside of your routine so he can notice something is different about you. Being able to rock a bolder shade of lipstick shows confidence. Confidence is a key characteristic men want to see in women and one you should be working on anyway if you haven’t already!

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5. Be Mysterious

How To Make Sure He Notices You

Guys love a woman they have not figured out just by looking at her for five seconds. Appear busy when he looks at you. Don’t stare back and make it obvious you like him. Play suave and cool and he’ll be dying to know all about you.

6. Accentuate Your Assets

How To Make Sure He Notices You

You know your self, best. You are aware of what parts of your body you like and don’t like. If you want your eyes to pop wear a shirt color that makes them stand out. Let your hair down if that’s what you love. Stand up straight if you want him to notice your figure. Wear a skirt if you like your legs. Don’t hide behind baggy clothing that hides your figure. Pick your best asset and accentuate it however you like.

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7. Smell Delicious

How To Make Sure He Notices You

Guys are suckers for a nice and girly scent. Pick up a new perfume and try it out. Smell amazing when you walk by him, and he won’t be able to help but notice and want more. Remember to not overpack your scent and come on too strong. A spritz here and there and voila.

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8. Be Your Best Self Around Him

How To Make Sure He Notices You

This one may seem obvious, however, you don’t want to show that you are having a bad or slow day when you are around him. Be your most fun self. One that he will want to be in the presence of and learn more about. If he always sees you in a light and fun light he will want to be a part of your life.

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9. Get In With The Boys

How To Make Sure He Notices You

Talk to some guys he knows. Get in their circle. Be it playing sports with them or just hanging around and lightly flirting with them, you will get his attention for sure. If he notices a girl talking to all of his friends, getting their attention, he will want to get your attention too and be a part of it. This is where jealousy comes in handy since boys tend to get jealous easily it’s in their nature.

10. Play Damsel In Distress 

How To Make Sure He Notices You

Pretend you need him for something. When it seem’s like there is no one else around but you two, make an excuse to talk to him by asking for help with something. Guys love feeling like the heroin and he’ll swoop in on this great opportunity to get his attention. You don’t need to ask for something huge but something so small as a pen or a piece of paper that you will “promise to pay him back with” giving you another excuse to talk to him in the future.

With just ten easy steps, he will be yours before you know it! Try to spread out these steps and not do all at once. You want him to gradually spike interest in you so be patient. You can not make a guy love you overnight. Surely, with the right moves put forth, you will get the guy!

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Let us know how these steps work out for you in the comments below! In a relationship? Share your tips on how to get the guy you want in the comment section.


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